Anxiety and Publishing



I’m an introvert- an anxiety-ridden, socially awkward, please-let-me-hide-in-the-corner, I’d-rather-be-home-in-my-yoga-pants, don’t-make-me-talk-out-loud introvert. I avoid large, loud, party-like situations like the plague. If I’m ever forced to attend one, I’m the girl you’ll find sitting in the corner alone, taking it all in, observing it all with a nervous smile pasted on my face.

It probably sounds like I don’t like people, but you might be shocked to discover that it’s really quite the opposite. You see, I love people. I love connecting with people. I love learning and understanding what makes folks tick. I love diving into deep, meaningful conversations with old friends or perfect strangers. What I dislike is small talk. It makes me nervous. I never have any idea what to say. When I’m in a crowd, I can actually sense the feelings of those around me, and I’m drawn to understand the reason behind those feelings. I’m so distracted by the emotions of others that I can’t really focus on anything else. Social situations drain me, and it takes me days to recover.

The interesting thing about all of this is that people who know me would probably never guess that I feel this way. I’ve become quite good at hiding it over the years; I’m a highly-functioning introvert. Most people would never believe the sky-rocketing anxiety level I hide on a daily basis. I think this is one of the reasons I’ve always enjoyed writing. It’s my safe place. I can say or do things in the worlds I create that I would never do in real life. Writing is my escape, and I’m happy that it’s also my career. I’m blessed to be able to do what I love every day.

Here’s the thing I never realized, though, until I had my first book published- there comes a time when a writer has to leave the safe haven of her writing cave and venture out and mingle amongst the scary world. In my personal publishing journey, this has been the hardest part.

What I didn’t realize, until Investigating the Heart was published, was that it didn’t matter how fantastic my book was if no one knew it existed. Books don’t sell themselves- authors do. I quickly understood that my anxiety level was about to be pushed to an entirely new place, and that was terrifying. You see, in order to let people know about my book, I was going to have to put myself out there. I was going to have to do things that made me very uncomfortable. I was going to have to be social. So, I took a deep breath and I did it.

Over the past year, I’ve done things I never thought I could do. I’ve hosted book signings and author events. I’ve done radio and newspaper interviews. I’ve sat on author panels, and I’ve given talks at libraries and schools. I’ve even been on television. Now, everyone keeps telling me that the more I do these things, the easier they will get, but I know this isn’t true. I’ve suffered from anxiety my entire life. I’ve always been an introvert, and being in the spotlight never gets easier.

What I’ve discovered, though, is that as I push through the anxiety, I realize that I’m more capable than I ever gave myself credit for. I realize that if I just keep trying, I can do anything I set my mind to. I might not do it perfectly, and I know that I’m my own worst critic. I might fail. But I’ve also learned that it’s important to give myself permission to fail. It’s important for me to be as gracious and forgiving of myself as I would be with my family and friends. You see, none of us is perfect, no matter how much we try to be. We’re all just muddling through life doing the best we can.

I’ve learned so much about myself since publishing my first book. I’ve learned just how strong I really am. I’ve learned that I’m tenacious, and I refuse to give up. I’ve learned that fear can either paralyze you or propel you; I choose to be propelled. I’ve learned that I can do things, in spite of crippling anxiety that often tells me otherwise. I’ve learned that sometimes the very best thing that can happen is being forced outside of your comfort zone- because that’s where real growth takes place.

First Review, Article in The Times Reporter



It’s been an exciting weekend, and the release of Goodnight, Sweetheart is in full swing! The first review is in for the exciting sequel to Investigating the Heart, and it is a great one:

“*****5 stars! The sequel is as good as the first! I didn’t want to put the book down Hopefully there will be a third book in this series.”

I love good reviews! They are so helpful in drawing attention to new authors.

I also was fortunate enough to have an interview about my work published in The Times Reporter. The link to read the article is below. Thanks to everyone who has already purchased a copy of Goodnight, Sweetheart! If you haven’t yet, you really should!🙂

Street Team

I’m looking to establish what we authors call a “Street Team.” Up to this point, I’ve been doing all of my marketing and promo myself (and I’ve come to realize that I need to ask for help!). As I continue to learn from those who have been around this industry longer than I have, I’m finding out that a lot of authors have a core team who help spread the word about book info. So, naturally, I want one too!🙂

What would be required of this “Street Team”? Perhaps you would be happy to share the posts I make about a new release. Maybe you’re willing to comment on my posts, or tell someone that you’ve read and loved one of my books?🙂

It wouldn’t be anything hard at all. As we go along, maybe I’ll send things your way that you can spread around to your groups of followers on various social media sites. I’m still working it out in my head, but if you would be willing to support me in this way, I would be forever grateful!

If you’re interested, simply go to the Contact Me area on my website Menu and let me know, or visit my Facebook page at Thank you in advance!

Goodnight, Sweetheart!

The day I’ve been waiting for is finally here! Goodnight, Sweetheart is live on Amazon today. Grab your copy and follow the continuing story of Emma and Liam. I can’t wait for you to read it! Click the links below for either the paperback or e-book version. Happy Reading!



Release Day!

This Friday, October 21st, the long-awaited sequel to Investigating the Heart will be released! I’m so happy to announce that Goodnight, Sweetheart will be available on Amazon in two days. I’m thrilled to share Liam and Emma’s continuing story with all of you. Look for ordering information on Friday. Thanks in advance for your support. It means so much!

After fighting to be together in Investigating the Heart, Liam and Emma O’Reilly are ready to settle down and begin married life. They have careers they love, three wonderful daughters, and a new baby on the way. On the surface, their world appears picture-perfect. It doesn’t take long for Emma to realize that things are never what they seem, and Fate seems to have a plan of its own. Can Emma find the strength to protect her happily ever after, or will it be stolen from her by forces beyond her control?

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