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Love At First Crepe


Who knew a delicious crepe, a kung fu attack, and an unexpected love could create such mayhem. In Heidi Renee Mason-Author’s humorous romantic mystery, an easygoing chef soon discovers life can become complicated when you’re busy falling in lust and foiling murder plots.
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To-Do List


I’m a busy mom. If you saw my calendar and To-Do List you would tell me that I need a day off. You’re probably right. These hectic days with my kids so often seem overwhelming. There are always more things needing done and less time in which to do it all. There are days when I feel myself being pulled in a million different directions. More often than not, I go to bed feeling as if I have done a lot of things adequately, but none particularly well.

In the hectic, hamster wheel of life, I’m trying to remind myself of this one very real truth- these are the days I know I’ll wish I had back once they are gone. My kids will only be mine in this way for a small period of time. The day is coming all too quickly when I’ll wish that I could fill up my days with driving them around, teaching them, and hanging out with them.

So I’m trying harder to find the joy inside of the chaos. I’m trying to learn that every exhausting, seemingly imperfect moment is the closest to perfection it’s going to get in this life. These are the years that my kids will remember the most. While I may be making schedules and To-Do Lists, what I’m really making is memories. ♥️♥️♥️



I will be 42 in two days. I remember a time when that age sounded so old to me. It’s amazing how perspectives change. I was thinking today about all of the goals I had for myself when I was a teenager. I had so many big dreams. Besides wanting to be a mom, I also wanted to sing in a band and be an author. I remember how these dreams of mine seemed simultaneously attainable and out of reach to my teenage self.

My life took a few twists and turns along the way, as our lives always do. As I close the chapter on another year, I am astounded to realize that two out of three of my big dreams actually came true- I’m a mom of three beautiful daughters, and I’m an author. I have no doubt that I could also accomplish the third dream of singing in a band, but I never managed to conquer my stage fright.

I’m a firm believer in following your dreams. There were a lot of years when I doubted that mine would ever come to fruition, but as I look back, I see that they all happened in just the way they were supposed to. ♥️♥️