Happy Tuesday, folks! This week I am concentrating on getting more subscribers to my newsletter, as well as drawing a bit more attention to my author page. I need your help! In order to sweeten the deal a bit, I will be doing a giveaway of one of my micro-poetry books, Journeys of a Fragmented Life! How do you enter this giveaway? It’s quite simple, actually!

1. I’m trying to get my newsletter to take off a bit more, and to do that, I need people to subscribe. The simplest way for that to happen is to just drop me a PM with your email address. I’ll sign you up, and you’ll be good to go. If you’ve already done this step, but want to be eligible for the giveaway, that’s no problem! Simply refer someone else to sign up for the newsletter, have them PM me their email address, and tell me who I can thank for sending them my way!

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Publishing News!


I’m beyond thrilled to share with you the exciting news about my upcoming book, Love At First Crepe!


This July will see comedy, cooking, kisses and… killers!
Get excited for Heidi Renee Mason-Author’s LOVE AT FIRST CREPE, a hilarious, sexy romcom, with a delicious dose of mystery.


Born into the wealthy Simpson family, free-spirited Willow is determined to make her own way in life. Cooking is her one true love, and she is content to keep it that way. Romance has never been on her agenda, but she suddenly finds herself in the middle of a deliciously decadent love triangle. With two gorgeous men vying for her attention, she vows to keep her distance from both, but the tantalizing chemistry is hard to ignore.

Unfortunately, it seems that someone wants to get rid of Willow, making her already tricky situation that much more difficult. One crazy night changes everything, and Willow’s life is turned upside down. Between thwarting her own murder plot, keeping her divinely tasty admirers at bay, and trying to stay on the good side of her finicky cat, Omelet, Willow’s plate is full. With far too many cooks in the kitchen, will she be able to stay alive long enough to figure out who wants to kill her?


How To Order Books

Looking for something to get you into a romantic mood and pull at your heart strings? I have a few suggestions… (Always Hope) (Goodnight Sweetheart e-book)

O (Goodnight Sweetheart paperback) (Investigating the Heart) (Journeys of a Fragmented Life e-book) (Journeys of a Fragmented Life paperback)



One act of kindness is all it takes
to bridge the gap between us.
If we extend a hand,
or even one tentative fingertip,
it may be enough to diminish the great divide.
In the end, love is all that matters;
the rest is just the clamoring noise
intended to distract us
from our greatest purpose.

-Heidi Renee Mason