What Are My Books About?


Yes, I write Romance novels of several varieties, but have you ever wondered what my books are really about? Well, let me tell you…

In real life, few things end the way that we wish they would. Love doesn’t always happen the way it’s supposed to, and relationships are hard. We often believe that finding the right person will be like some sort of fairy tale, and when it isn’t, we think it’s not the real thing. Normal, everyday love is what you will find in my books, because the truth of the matter is this- journeying through the joys and pains of life together is what true love is all about. I write about the hard things that couples face, but in the end, I write about the happily ever afters that come from weathering the storms together.

Are you interested? I hope so! Check out my website at http://www.heidireneemason.com!

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