Book News!

Book News:

I have some book news to report! My Romantic Suspense series, the Follow Your Heart trilogy (Investigating the Heart, Goodnight Sweetheart, and Steadfast Heart), is officially out of print. My contract has expired, and I’ve decided to go in a different direction. Don’t worry! This is good news, not bad news.

This was my first published work, and it has a special place in my heart. I’m far from finished with it!
I am currently in the process of rewriting the entire trilogy, so be sure to stay tuned for more information on the future of this wonderful series!


What Are My Books About?


Yes, I write Romance novels of several varieties, but have you ever wondered what my books are really about? Well, let me tell you…

In real life, few things end the way that we wish they would. Love doesn’t always happen the way it’s supposed to, and relationships are hard. We often believe that finding the right person will be like some sort of fairy tale, and when it isn’t, we think it’s not the real thing. Normal, everyday love is what you will find in my books, because the truth of the matter is this- journeying through the joys and pains of life together is what true love is all about. I write about the hard things that couples face, but in the end, I write about the happily ever afters that come from weathering the storms together.

Are you interested? I hope so! Check out my website at!

My Daughter, The Author

I’m proud to announce that my 10 year old daughter, Averi, is now a published author! She wrote a short story which we self-published as a homeschool project to see what goes into a book from start to finish. 

It’s available in both e-book and paperback versions on Amazon. Be sure to give it a look! (The e-book version won’t be updated until later today, but the paperback is ready to go now!)

This was an interesting project for both of us. For her, it was surprising to see how much work goes into creating a book. For me, since this was my first stab at self-publishing (and I’m not tech-savvy at all), it was a practice in patience! 

P.S. The cutest part of the whole thing was when she asked me if she would get to sign the books. 💜😊

Always Hope


Always Hope- an emotional Contemporary Romance that will break your heart and put it back together again.
For now it’s a standalone, however there are two more books coming in this series!

Mistakes and miscommunication: can fate finally mend broken bonds?
Ten years ago Hope West left her hometown, attempting to outrun dissolved relationships, family secrets, and the broken heart caused by her first love, Samuel Mooney. When unforeseen circumstances force her to return, she realizes that her time away has done little to heal the pain of the past. Never intending to stay in Woodridge, Hope slowly begins to understand that remaining there may be the only way to secure her future. Blossoming friendships and the discovery of a box of letters revealing the identity of her mysterious father all point Hope in the direction of reconciliation. As she begins to mend her broken bonds, Sam reenters her life in an unexpected way, forcing her to decide if true love can really stand the test of time. #heidireneemason #authorsofinstagram #igreads #bookbloggers #pdx #vanwa #contemporaryromance #emotional #mothersanddaughters