After the death of her husband in a plane crash, Emma McCoy, a single mom of three, has given up on love. When she meets Liam O’Reilly, an FBI agent who is new in town, the chemistry is immediate. Emma tries to keep her distance, but Liam is determined to win her over. As the two navigate their feelings, Emma’s resolve begins to crumble. What Emma doesn’t know is that Liam is connected to her past in a way that she could never have imagined, and this connection could put their future in jeopardy. In the small town of Beckland, Ohio, danger is the last thing that Emma expects. However, since Liam’s arrival, it seems like peril is waiting around every corner.

Investigating the Heart 1


Published by Solstice Publishing


Available on Amazon, The Art of Love, a novella available in e-book format.

the art of love-001


Ellie Tanner, an artist who prefers to keep her identity a secret, is perfectly happy in her cabin in the woods in Colson, Ohio. One snowy night, she meets Evan Hawthorne, and her quiet existence is turned upside down in an instant. When an opportunity arises to catapult her career to the next level, Ellie must decide if she is brave enough to move out of her comfort zone. To complicate matters, she can’t stop thinking about the mysterious Evan Hawthorne.


After fighting to be together in Investigating the Heart, Liam and Emma O’Reilly are ready to settle down and begin married life. They have careers they love, three wonderful daughters, and a new baby on the way. On the surface, their world appears picture-perfect. It doesn’t take long for Emma to realize that things are never what they seem, and Fate seems to have a plan of its own. Can Emma find the strength to protect her happily ever after, or will it be stolen from her by forces beyond her control?



Ten years ago Hope West left her hometown, hoping to outrun dissolved relationships, family secrets, and the broken heart caused by her first love, Samuel Mooney. When unforeseen circumstances force her to return, she realizes that her time away has done little to heal the pain of the past. Never intending to stay in Woodridge, Hope slowly begins to understand that remaining there may be the only way to secure her future. Blossoming friendships and the discovery of a box of letters revealing the identity of her mysterious father all point Hope in the direction of reconciliation. As she begins to mend her broken bonds, Sam reenters her life in an unexpected way, forcing her to decide if true love can really stand the test of time.





When we hear a story, we embark upon a journey. This explains our fascination with storytellers. They weave the tales that speak of our lives. We lose ourselves, and yet find ourselves in their words. The tales they tell mimic our own explorations.

Journeys Of A Fragmented Life is the story of personal adventure. It leads the reader on a winding, often surprising path through both darkness and light. It is a story of love-for others, but ultimately, for ourselves. It is an attempt to assemble the fragments of life’s journey.


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