Yoga Challenged


In attempt to get more active, I asked my daughter to show me some yoga.

Chloe (the human pretzel) just led me through a 20 minute beginner session of yoga. Here are the thoughts that went through my head as I was upside down:

1. I wonder if anyone has ever died doing yoga?

2. The floor is all the way down there!?

3. I’m pretty sure my legs don’t bend that way!

4. If this is Beginner 1, I must need Beginner -10.

5. Once I get down there, I don’t think I can get back up.

6. I’m going to be suffocated by my own chest and then who will raise my children?!

7. This might be the longest 20 minutes in the history of the world.

8. I’m really good at the part where you lie on your back and do nothing but close your eyes.

9. My mind is way more flexible than my body.

10. Am I supposed to be sweating this much? The next time can only get easier! 😂😂


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