Don’t Panic!

I’m a worrier. I am prone to anxiety. These are things I’ve learned to expect and accept about myself. When bad news comes, it gnaws at me deep inside. Needless to say, after a tough weekend of returning to Ohio for my grandmother’s funeral, the shocking news about the publisher of my poetry book suspending production on all books was not news I wanted to hear. I spent much of Sunday and Monday worrying about what was to become of my work.

I should know by now that everything always works out just the way it is supposed to, even when I have my doubts. I am pleased to announce that Rainy Day Reads Publishing, the publisher of my upcoming romantic suspense novel, Cross My Heart, will be publishing my first work of poetry. Journeys of a Fragmented Life has found a new home, and I am so happy that it will be with Sameena and Rainy Day Reads. I don’t have a lot of details yet, but they will be forthcoming when I do.

Don’t panic! It’s a good lesson for all of us.

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