I’m closing in on 40,000 words on current my work in progress (Women’s Fiction), which means I’m about half way to completion. I have the working title as “Hope Found”, but I’m tossing around other titles in my mind. I’m also considering “All That Remains” or “Home”.

It’s a story about returning to your roots, even if that process is a painful one. Which do you prefer?image


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  1. cammason says:

    Hope on a Rope
    Hope Dope
    Hope or the Pope
    Hope? Nope!
    Hope eloped
    Hope slope

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  2. cammason says:

    Pocket full of Hope

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  3. Kimatha says:

    Returning Home? Cameron’s answers were kinda quirky!! Fun!!!

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    1. jaderayne02 says:

      I really like that! Knowing how I intend to end the book, I’m really leaning toward “All That Remains” right now. 😉


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