I’ve decided that I am going to try and write a poem every day for the next few months. Poetry (both reading and writing it) has always been a passion of mine, and I’ve just recently started saving the poems I write. Once I get enough, I would love to see my poems published into a book, so this is my way of making that happen.

I find that writing poetry does two very important things for me. First of all, it is my own form of therapy. As an extremely sensitive and feeling person, I generally have a million different emotions running through my brain at any given moment. Poetry is an outlet for some of those feelings. Secondly, I find that poetry is instant gratification for me when I’m working on a novel. The writing process for a novel is such a long one, and I’m a very impatient girl…so I feel a sense of accompishment when I finish a poem.

I hope you enjoy my musings, and that some of my poems will make you stop, think, feel, and ponder…which is what a good poem is supposed to do.



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