Review by Readers’ Favorite

I’m excited to share the review of Investigating the Heart by Readers’ Favorite. It is a 5-star review, complete with their official 5-star seal!



Reviewed by Patricia Day for Readers’ Favorite

“Emma McCoy dealt bravely with the untimely death of her husband, but coming so soon after his rejection of her and their young family was almost too much to bear. She withdrew socially and focused on raising her three girls, Lily, Dahlia and Rose, and building a business which would, hopefully, provide them with adequate income. Liam O’Reilly, a tall, dark and handsome FBI agent, arrives in town on a mission. First he needs to buy a house. Not just any house but the one next door to where Emma once lived: he is sure it will help him in his investigation. His business also entails questioning Emma, and he’ll do this however he can without raising suspicion. His arrival in town effectively turns Emma’s life upside down, and Liam is helpless when he meets her. Her beauty disarms him completely but it is imperative he complete his mission. How their relationship develops is a charming love story in itself. How Liam manages to get the answers he wants, and how his past and Emma’s are connected make for some truly engrossing reading.

Investigating the Heart by Heidi Renee Mason is a story guaranteed to capture your heart. If you enjoy romance, intrigue, and mystery, you’ll find it plentifully through this book. The story is a clever mix of healing, mystery, discovery and love. Her husband was not the man Emma thought him to be, but thankfully she had good friends to support her as life as she knows it unravels. I loved the book from beginning to end. It is well-written and presented with an engrossing plot. Highly recommended.”


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