A Bundle of Nerves

I’m almost 25,000 words into the sequel to Investigating the Heart, and I’m experiencing things I didn’t when I wrote my first book. Investigating the Heart literally poured out of me as I wrote it. It was never hard, and I very rarely second-guessed myself. This time around, I feel a tremendous sense of pressure, always uncertain if I can do it again.

I do everything I can to actually avoid writing, allowing myself to be distracted by the simplest of things. Every time I am ready to start a new chapter, I panic, not sure if I can actually follow through, certain that the words won’t come.

The words are there waiting for me once I start, but this pressure I put upon myself is overwhelming. I know that other writers experience this, and I know it’s normal. I wrote the first book with no pressure and no stress, and this time around, I seem to be a bundle of nerves.

Will it live up to the first book? Will people like it? Does it even deserve a sequel? I’m plagued with these questions, invading my mind as I write. What I know about myself, though, is that I will persevere. I have set a goal, and I will attain that goal. I will say that Book #2 has been an entirely different experience than Book #1…and I’m hoping that means it will be better!



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