Well, Heather is amazingly fast, so here are the four photos that are my favorite from the photo shoot. I was worried about not liking any, but now I have the opposite problem…I don’t know which one to choose! Opinions?

DSC_3980-2 DSC_3994-3 DSC_4010-2 DSC_4028-2


9 thoughts on “Headshots

  1. Pamala McMorrow says:

    No …I like the first one….And the closer up like on FB….If I didn’t know you , the second one looks snooty(sorry) and you’re not snooty…..You are more the first one….It doesn’t matter what an author is supposed to look like…You are sweet and bubbly and the second one isn’t that…:) Even though they’re ALL good…..and you won’t listen to me anyway…hahaha

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  2. Kimatha says:

    We like the smiling ones. When your Dad looked at them, he said second one” looks snooty, and she’s too pretty not to smile”. Probably like the last one the best.

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