th (6) 

Time, it waits for no one,

I’ve often heard it said.

The passing of days in succession,

Move into weeks ahead.


The days and the months keep on passing,

Like sands in an hourglass they fall.

Then looking back, you will see it,

All the time you didn’t notice at all.


As a child, you think time lasts forever,

Anxious for the passing of days.

Ironic it seems, when you realize,

The time of your youth never stays.


Time is a fleeting adventure,

You can’t stop her, try as you will.

No one can pause the hours,

No one can make time stand still.


So grab the moments you’re given,

Cherish them all as they pass.

For time, it waits for no one,

The memories are all that will last.

By Heidi Renee Mason


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