In the still of the night my loneliness

is all that I can feel.

It wraps around and swallows me up

until nothing else is real.

Sinking deeper and deeper down

the darkness is all I see.

I’m screaming out, but no one hears.

It’s taking all of me.

Desperately trying, longing to be

something I am not.

Knowing for sure I’ll never obtain

the thing that I have sought.

Failure and doubt my constant companions,

into the darkness I roam.

Praying for something to hold on to,

wanting to find my way home.

The winding path keeps taking me down

no matter how hard I try.

I cannot find my way back now.

I sink to my knees and cry.


Suddenly the light is visible,

It’s shining down on me.

Winding its way inside of my soul

I feel it consuming me.

Knowing I’ve found what I’ve searched for,

Feeling the peace inside.

I surrender to your love.

I no longer need to hide.

By Heidi Renee Mason


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