Main Characters


Main characters are the crux of any story. A strong character will make or break your book. I have read books in which the storyline was great, and all of the elements seemed to work, but the characters weren’t believable. I thought long and hard about my main character when beginning my book, and I have watched her come to life as I have written her story.

My main character is similar to me in many ways. The ways in which she reacts to the situations around her and many of her personality traits have been drawn from my reflections of myself. I feel like this is helpful to me in creating the story around her. I am able to make her more believable and life-like because I can identify with her. When a situation comes about, I am able to realistically portray how she will act and react based upon my own traits.

I am not certain that I set out to make a character similar to myself, but I realize that she has turned out this way. However, she is not a carbon copy of me. A lot of her personality traits and actions are different. Sometimes she will react to a situation in the way that I wish I reacted, instead of in the way that I react in reality. I feel that she is a likable character, with all of her flaws and quirks. She is not a fairytale character, but a real woman. She is a mom who is tired and overworked. She is lonely and vulnerable, but also stubborn and proud. She is someone that I would love to be friends with, and she is a little bit of me, as well.


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