As a writer, inspiration keeps me going. There are days I sit down to write, and the words don’t come easily. That’s just reality. I don’t feel inspired all of the time, but I learned a long time ago not to let lack of inspiration stop me. Sometimes I have to look a little harder for the inspiration, but it is always there, waiting for me to see it.

So, where do I find inspiration? What lights that fire inside of me? Quite honestly, it can be anything. Something will happen in my day and it strikes a chord inside. I think to myself…I could write about that. I am constantly writing stories in my head. There are always characters and plots and drama buzzing in my brain, waiting to be brought to life. These stories in my head inspire me.

I am inspired by my husband, who is so supportive of what I do. He believes in me and reads everything I write, giving me honest feedback. If he doesn’t like something, he will say…”I didn’t feel you in this.” I never like hearing it, because that means I have to re-work it, but I appreciate his honesty. He always makes me want to be better, because he believes I can do anything.

I am inspired by my children. They make me want to reach for the moon. Their utter belief in my abilities makes me believe in myself. I hear them say to their friends “My mom writes stories,” and it makes me realize that they are proud of me. This makes me believe that my dreams are possible.

My best friend inspires me. Awhile back, after reading the first thing I had written in years, she looked at me and said “You’re a writer. Some people like to write, but you ARE a writer.” Her encouragement was the initial spark that started the fire in me to do something with my writing.

I am also inspired when my work is rejected. I know that rejection never feels good, and no one wants it. As a writer, rejection comes often, even if you are the best writer out there. It’s part of the deal. Instead of seeing it as a bad thing, though, I take the rejections and try to find the inspiration to better myself and my writing. Yes, I am even inspired by rejection.

Writers thrive on inspiration, and this inspiration comes in many forms. These life experiences, both good and bad, are what we can draw upon to add feeling to our writing. Inspiration is all around, it is simply a matter of seeing it, feeling it, and writing it.


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