The Process


My book has evolved as I have delved more deeply into the writing process. When I first set out to write a novel, I was sure that it would be historical fiction. This is the type of book which I am normally drawn to, so I assumed that was the direction my book would go. Upon further thought, though, I decided not to tackle historical fiction for my first book. There are so many things you must consider for a historical book, most importantly, time-period accuracy. I thought that might be a lot to take on for my first novel.

I also love chick lit and romance books. This is the genre in which my novel will fall. There will also be a little bit of mystery and intrigue involved. It is not historical, but is set in modern-day in a small town. The main character is a woman with three daughters, so I am able to easily identify with her! Going in this direction has allowed me to get inside of my character’s head and make her believable, which is vital for a main character.

It is funny how my book has taken on a life of its own, moving me in the direction in which it wants to go…not the other way around. It is a living, breathing thing, and I’m simply the mouthpiece.


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