Author Question


I have had a couple of people recommend putting my novel out there to be read as I’m writing it. I have mixed feelings about this. I think it is a great way to get both positive and negative feedback, enabling me to edit as I am writing. I think it could also establish a fan base even before the book is completed and published. I might also get further plot or character ideas based on reader’s comments.

On the other hand, is putting the information out there before completion and publication giving too much away? Once it has been read, will those same people then buy the book? Or will they opt out of purchasing because they have already read it? Am I giving my story away to possibly be taken? In allowing advance reading, am I taking away the book’s mystery?

I can see the merit in allowing a “pre-read”. I can also see the possible pitfalls. My question goes out to established authors…what do you think?


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